A merchant cash advance is a financial product that is fast to underwrite and all-levels-of credit compatible.

Business owners get cash up front, and then repay their advance as a percentage of the sales they make over time, allowing them to get cash fast and expand their business without damaging their cash reserves.

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Professional solution for your clients business needs


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Long Term gains and profits

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Market-leading experience


We will work with you to create a plan to help your clients meet and exceed their goals


Almost all industries accepted, from Restaurants to Contractors in all 50 states


A simple application and direct relationship with a representative


Funds available in as soon as 4 hours from application

What We Do

We combine the use of what your clients actually needs with our in –house MINT underwriting to create a solution for optimal funding.

Working Capital

Access to working capital is the difference between a merchant’s business just barely getting by versus their ability to expand and reach new potentials. At IBEX, we understand the necessity in providing your merchant’s business with the capability to expand.

Business Cash Advance

This is not a business loan or an overdraft. Put simply, cash is advanced to your merchant’s business based on their revenue, card sales and accounts receivables in return for a portion of their future earnings.


This product buys out your merchant’s existing advances and lowers the percentage of revenue being collected via ACH or a merchant’s card processor. Often our consolidations include an infusion of cash for the merchant.

Reverse Consolidations

Providing, business owners with weekly disbursements directly into their business bank account to satisfy the cost of their existing Cash Advance payments, Reverse Consolidations free up cash flow which cancels out existing MCA balances and provides your merchant with daily MCA savings of 35% – 60%.

Flex Financing

“Flex” is our unique product designed to guarantee a merchant the maximum amount of funding down the line. This product is based on a working relationship with the merchant. Our “Flex” clients are most pleased with this service.